The Museum - USS LEXINGTON Museum on the bay in Corpus Christi, Texas

LEX flight deck
MEGA Theater

LEXINGTON is a valuable national treasure having played a significant role in the nation’s defense for nearly 50 years. Her World War II record is second to none and as a place where Americans died in defense of freedom, she is a memorial worth preserving. She continues to serve today as a museum and educational facility.


About the Museum

During the 1980’s the U.S. Navy came to realize that keeping in service its last remaining World War II Essex Class aircraft carrier was becoming increasingly expensive and that the USS LEXINGTON would have to be replaced by a more modern ship. In August 1990, the Secretary of the Navy announced that the USS FORRESTAL would replace the USS LEXINGTON as the Navy’s training carrier.

Because of Corpus Christi’s long and proud history with the Navy and naval aviation in particular, the Corpus Christi Area Economic Development Commission formed a task force of prominent community leaders, known as Landing Force 16, to bring the “Blue Ghost” to the city. With an active fund-raising campaign in place and strong community support, the Corpus Christi City Council endorsed a $3 million dollar bond sale to finance the project. In August 1991, Landing Force 16 presented Corpus Christi’s proposal to Secretary of the Navy Lawrence Garrett, III. Although in stiff competition with several other communities, on the strength of community support, LEXINGTON was awarded to the Corpus Christi team.

On 29 January 1992, LEXINGTON arrived at Naval Station Ingleside and became a permanent Texas resident. On 8 June 1992, the United States Navy officially signed over LEXINGTON to city officials and on 17 June she was towed to her final berth on North Beach. The USS LEXINGTON was opened to the public in OCTOBER 1992, and on 14 November was dedicated in a formal ceremony attended by representatives of the City, State and Federal governments, as well as former crew members and members of numerous veterans organizations.

From the very first day of operation as a naval aviation museum, the USS LEXINGTON has remained totally self-sufficient, never having received funds from local, state or federal government agencies. The Museum has relied solely on revenues generated from grants, donations, admissions, ship’s store sales, special events, and the youth overnight program. These revenues have covered all expenses not only to operate and maintain the ship but also to fund all capital improvements as well.

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Museum Goals

  • To improve the quality of life of the community by establishing and maintaining a major educational and entertaining museum focusing on naval aviation and the role of the aircraft carrier in the national defense.
  • To preserve, for the enjoyment and education of future generations, the nation’s longest serving and most historically significant Essex Class aircraft carrier, the USS LEXINGTON.
  • To become a premier community educational facility by developing and utilizing the ship’s unique size and range of facilities in support of science, math, history and geography curricula.
  • To instill pride and patriotism in the public, particularly the youth, through displays, ceremonies and educational programs that emphasize the heroism and sacrifice of those who have served the nation in the Navy and the Marine Corps.This “lesson of patriotism” is a little-taught ethic in today’s America and it is essential we continue teaching it to future generations.

Over 5-1/2 million people have visited LEXINGTON since she opened as a Museum in 1992.

USS LEXINGTON Board of Directors



Pat Veteto

President Elect

Linda Jordan

Vice President

David Barganski


Larry Elizondo


Mark Avelar

Past President

Tim Ehrman

Ex-Officio Members

Capt. Stephen Banta
Ken Kohlstedt


Holly Osborn


Paul Chapa
Kresten Cook
David Engel
Thomas A. “Dos” Gates, Jr.
Charlie Hicks
Gloria Hicks
Michael Hunter
Flavius Killebrew
Bob Lacy, Jr.
Tony LaMantia

Richard Leshin
George Lyford, Jr.
William (Bill) S. McCord
Phillip (Phil) Plant
Dan Robbins
Javier Wiley
Tom Wimberly
Joseph “Jay” Wise