F9F-8T COUGAR - USS LEXINGTON Museum on the bay in Corpus Christi, Texas



The F9F-6 was the first swept-wing version of the F9F series, taking to the skies in September of 1951. It led to the F9F-8T (a two seat trainer version of the F9F-8) the last in line of the F9F series fighter built for the Navy by Grumman. The F9F-8, first flown in December of 1953, had a large fuel capacity and slightly different wing and canopy than its predecessors. Over 700 of the aircraft were built and they provided the majority of the Navy’s fighters at one point. The last “8T’s” were retired in February 1974. Cougars were also the first swept-wing aircraft used by the Navy’s Blue Angels. They used the F9F from 1955-1957.


  • Wingspan: 34’6”
  • Length: 44’6”
  • Height: 12’3”
  • Gross Weight: 20,600 lbs.
  • Power Plant: One 7,200 lb. S.T. Pratt & Whitney J48-P-8A turbojet Two
  • Armament: 20mm cannon


  • Max Speed: 630 mph.
  • Range: 600 mph.
  • Climb Rate: 4,800 ft./min.
This aircraft is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, Florida.

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