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Ever wonder what happened to your former crewmates? Post your LEX service information here and get in touch with old friends or make new friends. If your browser supports hyperlinks, just click on an email address to send an e-mail. Please make sure to let us know if your e-mail address changes and include your service dates on the ship!

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Aanerud, Douglas


Service Dates: 1967 - 1969

Rank/Duty Assigned: ABM-1 (equipment), Catapult Captain

Aaron, Stanley


Service Dates: 1972-1975

Rank/Duty Assigned: BM3 2nd Division

Abbott, Gary B.


Service Dates: Aug 1981 - Feb 1985

Rank/Duty Assigned: BM3, 2nd Div, Deck Dept

Abbott, Larry


Service Dates: March 1985 - August 1989

Rank/Duty Assigned: ETC, Electronics Repair Shop

Abbott, Oscar Monroe


Service Dates: 1943 - 1945

Rank/Duty Assigned: Seaman Second Class/Plane Manager

Abeyta, Alex R.


Service Dates: 1955/1957

Rank/Duty Assigned: Seaman

Abhalter, Ken “Chris”


Service Dates: 1981 - 1985

Rank/Duty Assigned: BM3, LPO, Special Services Office

Abrilaz, Mauricie “Abe”


Service Dates: 1968 - 1972

Rank/Duty Assigned: IC1, IC Gang, LPO (Leading Petty Officer)

Acford, Tommy J.

Service Dates: 1976-1988

Rank/Duty Assigned: Major/ Flight Instructor

Ackermann, Mike


Service Dates: 1976 - 1980

Rank/Duty Assigned: BT2

Ackiss, Jovan


Service Dates: Jan 1981 - Jul 1984

Rank/Duty Assigned: Boatswains Mate Second 3rd Division

Ackley, Jay Randall


Service Dates: 1927-1928

Rank/Duty Assigned: SMN BUGER

Acvee, Jim

Service Dates: 1982

Rank/Duty Assigned: ENS/ Pilot

Adams, John E.


Service Dates: April 1986 - April 1989

Rank/Duty Assigned: AT1(AW), OE Div, Sailor of the Year 1989

Adams, John S.


Service Dates: 1962-1664

Rank/Duty Assigned: E-3/Quartermaster

Adams, Richard


Service Dates: 1959 - 1963

Rank/Duty Assigned: OR Div, Radioman 3/C

Adams, Richard


Service Dates: 1972-1975

Rank/Duty Assigned: EM3/C A-Division Hydraulics Gang

Adams, Robert C.

Service Dates: Aug 1959 - Dec 1959

Rank/Duty Assigned: LTJG, VA 212 Airwing 21

Adams, W. Bruce

Service Dates: 1988-1990

Rank/Duty Assigned: LT/ Senior Medical Officer

Adams, William P


Service Dates: 1981-1985; 1986-1989

Rank/Duty Assigned: MS1/cook

Adamson, Charles (Ed)


Service Dates: 1962 - Sept 1963

Rank/Duty Assigned: SM3

Adelson, Richard Henry


Service Dates: 1942 - 1946

Rank/Duty Assigned: Lieutenant, Director of a 40mm Quad-mount anti aircraft battery

Aderholt, Billy


Service Dates: 1949 - 1954

Rank/Duty Assigned: Machinist Mate

Adkins, Charles E.

Service Dates: 1946-1947

Rank/Duty Assigned: F 1C/ #1 Engine Room

Adsmond, Roy Thomas


Service Dates: 1941-1942

Rank/Duty Assigned: Chief Gunnery Officer

Aembruster, Terrence D.

Service Dates: 1975-1978

Rank/Duty Assigned: CWO4/ EMCS

Agee, Steven R.


Service Dates: 1972 - 1975

Rank/Duty Assigned: BM3, Helmsman

Agege, Victor Omo


Service Dates: 1986-1988

Rank/Duty Assigned: BT2-E5

Aguilar, Pete


Service Dates: 1943 - 1945

Rank/Duty Assigned: AO3

Aguinaga, Ramiro

Service Dates: 1977-1980

Rank/Duty Assigned: E-5