Flight Simulator

Launch from a carrier on a thrilling and dangerous mission.

Do you have what it takes to be an F/18 pilot?

If you have nerves of steel, join the men and women in the Training Exercise “Screaming Eagles” and hope that it is just the eagle that screams! Be prepared to launch off the aircraft carrier, hit every target, complete your air to air mission and land safely. You never know when the circumstances change! So hold on and stay calm as you try to become the next great F/18 pilot! Jump in the 15 seat simulator to join.

Located on the Hangar Deck  | Available during regular operating hours  |  $5.00 per person


Ready to come aboard? The USS Lexington is open year-round, seven days a week for touring and special events.


We have several options for self or group tours. Whichever you choose, touring this 16-deck, 33,000-ton aircraft carrier is something you have to see.

About the Ship

There’s so much to learn about our history, stats of the ship and what happens behind the scenes. Dig in and get the facts!